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May 15, 2014
Bahai Gardens Field Tour (Tentative date)
Tour will focus on Bahai faith and a visit to their temple on Mount Carmel in Haifa...
May 12, 2014
Druze Religion and Faith Field Tour to Dalyat al Carmel and Usfia - (Tentative date)
Tour will focus on Druze faith and religion, will include meeting with religious Sheikhs and a visit to a Druze holy site...

You need a “fixer”, or you’ve got 2 free hours & want to see the ‘hot spots’ in Jerusalem….  You’re on deadline, and you need a quote, a photo, a quick interview or a little background – but lost that note with the guy’s number….  You need to get to Bethlehem or Sderot – but your car’s in the shop….  You just need a quiet place to log on and file the story – but your Internet connection's dead…. 

Support and Services for Foreign Journalists

Information * Access * Materials

MediaCentral is an independent media-liaison organization offering a friendly place to work in downtown Jerusalem, with free services including:

  • WiFi access & printer/fax facilities, etc.
  • Primary sources (experts, analysts, interviewees, materials)
  • References / contacts – photographers, translators, drivers, guides, etc.
  • Field Tours to locations of interest – Sderot, Golan & the North, Security Barrier, etc.
  • Updates, briefings, analysis – in a range of languages
  • Translations of breaking news and critical materials
  • Drop-in lounge with coffee/tea/drinks & snacks
  • Wide-screen TVs with continual news feeds
  • Helping hand services/info – logistics, contracts, what’s hot, what’s not
  • Every Thursday - MediaCentral's TGIT! "Thank Goodness It's Thursday" end of the week gatherings every Thursday at 4pm (with wine & cheese, beer & snacks) - with occasional briefings on various topics (TBA).

MediaCentral can be your 'base-camp' in Jerusalem.   We take an open, direct and needs-based approach to serving you, in cooperation with both Israeli and Palestinian partners from the government and NGO sectors.  Initiated by Honest Reporting, our goal is to promote impartial and comprehensive coverage; confident that accuracy is Israel’s best ally, we aim to simply help you achieve your goals of understanding and reporting the facts and providing insightful analysis. 

MediaCentral wants to make your job easier; to find more info and let us know what you need, drop by or call, or go to www.m-central.org.

We're here to help.

8 Harav Kook St.   Jerusalem    Tel: 02-623-2344    Fax: 02-624-0599

Media Services Coordinators:

Smadar Bakovic - 054-658-2344; smadar@m-central.org

Jonny Perl- 054-678-2346;   jonny@m-central.org

Idele Ross - 050-843-6667; idele@m-central.org



Aryeh Green – 054-648-2344; aryeh@m-central.org



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